Fishing Rules

Fishing Rules at Pearl Lake

The following fishing rules are intended to ensure maximum enjoyment for all. The rules apply to all users. 

Remember, a lake can be a dangerous place. 

Please note fishing is not permitted on Park Pool (the small lake on the edge of the golf course). 

  1. Fishing passes (day or week passes) must be purchased from Reception before fishing.

  2. A valid Environment Agency Rod Fishing Licence is required. Please do not fish without one.

  3. Keep nets are only permitted during organised Pearl Lake Angling Club competitions.

  4. Up to 1Kg of ground bait per fisherman per 24 hours is allowed. Or up to 1 kg of Boilies per fisherman per 24 hours is allowed. No pre-baiting please. All baits must be "in­date". Surface baits are permitted but those using them must be vigilant regarding wildlife and responsibly deal with any incident occurring from their use. *Please note there may be adjustments to baits used throughout the season, subject to oxygen and lake conditions.

  5. Barbless hooks ONLY to be used.

  6. Strictly no lead or toxic weights.

  7. No remote control boats or devices may be used. No wading please.

  8. All fish must be returned to the lake. When it is not possible to unhook within a landing net an unhooking mat must be used.

  9. Fishing is only permitted between 7.00 am and dusk.

  10. Fishing is strictly restricted to a maximum of one rod per person, unless fishing for carp / tench where 2 rods are allowed as long as they are used in conjunction with BAITRUNNER REELS and ELECTRONIC BITE ALARMS.

  11. Tents and Bivouacs are not permitted on the Park (holiday home) side of the lake. When fishing on the Park side of the lake, it is permissible to use umbrellas during adverse weather or strong sunlight.

  12. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the woodland.

  13. Please do not park vehicles on the lake edge, use car parks provided only.

  14. Please do not leave hooks, floats, line, etc in or near the lake. If unable to retrieve any fishing tackle please report whereabouts to reception or the water bailiff immediately.

  15. Remove all fishing gear when not fishing, including shelters.

  16. Pegs cannot be reserved and are on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please use the designated numbered pegs.

  17. Always take your litter away with you, or place in a dustbin.

  18. No remote-control boats or devices may be used.

  19. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult when fishing.

  20. Guests staying on the touring area or in the hire properties must buy a permit for fishing from reception before commencing to fish

  21. All Park employees have full authority to enforce these rules and may randomly check rigs and baits. No fixed bolt rigs are allowed.

  22. No tin cans allowed on the lake side, all contents must be emptied into a bait tub prior to fishing.

  23. The lake is for the equal enjoyment of everyone, and this includes boat users. No one has priority.

Failure to comply with the above may result in the withdrawal of fishing and possibly removal from the Park.