Adventure Play

Adventure playground at Pearl Lake - den building

At last there is a way to keep the kids busy as well as them learning essential DIY skills!

The den building area at Pearl Lake is a great safe environment for children of all ages to enjoy some creative space and to express themselves. Building that fort or hiding place, maybe even the blueprint for a new shed for Dad or a spa for Mum? Wood chippings on the ground, hard hats and wheelbarrows this is ideal to let your children enjoy some alone time or for you to spend time with the younger ones creating a massive 3D jigsaw!

Adventure playground at Pearl Lake - zip wire

Travelling at the speed of... well, let's just say it's fast enough to give the youngsters a thrill but certainly entertaining enough for older kids and (dare I say it) adults alike.

Just when you thought that the idea was to get on at one end and travel to the other, the children are so creative that we have seen all sorts of ways to use a zip wire!

Again with wood chippings on the floor we try to make this a safe place for all to enjoy. It's just a short walk through the park to the adventure play where hopefully the kids will wear themselves out and you can relax at last!

Outdoor activities at Pearl Lake - ball games

There is an abundance of space for ball games at Pearl Lake. So everyone can get the holiday they want we have a football pitch as well as a large recreation field that are both perfect for ball games and that leave quiet areas on the park for others to relax.

It is amazing how long children can make a game of 'footy' last.

At Pearl Lake the kids still want to be outdoors and enjoying the wide open spaces and meeting new friends - ah, just like holidays we remember.